"The Healthcare Federation Of Ghana is enrolling private sector stakeholders who have a desire, resources and capabilities to support the private sector initiative towards COVID-19 Response.  We are looking to engage with organisations currently operating in the health sector ecosystem or who have significant alliances including: Banking & Financial institutions, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Manufacturing and more".


Calling All Interested Parties

HFG is looking to respond in a number of ways, including: testing and tracking to PPE and ventilator supply management, post COVID-19 prepardness for health and social impact.  We are looking for organisations who want to contribute resources, manpower and financing to support this national private sector initiative.  


Areas Of Interests:


  • Providers: Treatment Centres, PPE Equipment Suppliers, Private Facilities, Hospitals, Quarantine Centres

  • Telehealth Providers In Ghana

  • Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Phamaceuticals  

  • International Donors

  • International Corporations

  • Local Businesses Under Category


Companies who sign up will be contacted to explore how they can participate and engage in HFG's discussions and response to demand, international projects and funding initiatives.



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