Strategic Objectives


Roll out strategies to support prevention of transmission of the disease


  • Education and Awareness initiatives:

    • Using a multimedia approach (mobile, online and traditional media - TV, radio & print, and variety of media – social media, expert blogs and forums etc. to drive key messages:


  • Regular handwashing with soap and water

  • Use of alcohol- based hand sanitizers (locally manufactured)

  • Sourcing & Provision of PPEs including face masks, disposable gloves and beddings

  • Sourcing & Provision of key equipment including ventilators

  • Social distancing strategies which will include managed telehealth as well as enrolling key professionals (doctors/nurses) and access to  country-wide database of clinicians and allied support for on-line clinical care and counseling services

  • Aligning telehealth delivery though Managed Triage Centres that coordinate local and national care delivery for COVID-19 and care for non-communicative diseases e.g. routine remote diagnostics and consultations for mental health; particularly in remote, rural and underserved regions of the country.  This includes requirements for camps in Accra for displaced people

  • Beyond these strategies Healthcare Federation of Ghana will explore how member companies would be resourced into local production of tools required in prevention of transmission


Prevent and reduce the number of deaths resulting from Covid-19


  • This will require scaling up access to reliable testing with practical turnaround time

  • Access to real time information on symptoms as well as ability to work through algorithms to flag high risk cases.  Telehealth will feed into this by providing real-time heat maps for analytics

  • Adequate funding for production of efficacious medicine by local manufacturers

  • Setting up adequate high dependency intensive care units within existing private healthcare facilities

  • Adequate resourcing of these facilities with ventilators, oxygen, PPEs and other equipment

  • Adequate and relevant local human resource capacity building in health-focused competencies

  • Structured private sector Patient transfer services with a central command centre to coordinate private sector interventions


Minimize the socio- economic impact of the disease


  • This pandemic was sudden and its impact to small business and enterprises cannot be over-emphasised.  Frontline businesses are under-resourced with poor funding and limited access to affordable financing.  

  • Ensuring adequate stocks and supply during the pandemic especially access to PPEs and new organisation workflows required that these frontline businesses draw from non-existent emergency funds or pre-finance to stay open, relevant and safe

  • HFG will focus on private sector healthcare and allied businesses of member groups and look at strategies to improve business outcomes and reduce the economic impact of the pandemic.


        These include:

  • Access to reduce statutory payments

  • Reduced or delayed interest on loans

  • Financing to ensure employees stay on payroll during and immediately in the months following the pandemic

  • Access to pooled procurement on the continent to reduce the cost of inputs


Cater for lower socio-economic groups and micro businesses


We, further see the need to cater for those in the lower socio-economic groupings who are unlikely to benefit from any institutional employee finance schemes.  Ghana, like many countries in Africa, has unique challenges in catering for the lower socio-economic groups who businesses are often cash in hand; those traditionally involved in micro-businesses. 


HFG will work with government and other donor organisations in reframing strategies that seek to educate, reskill and equip the public for the future.


Financing – position as key partner for PPP funding initiatives for the private sector


We seek to build strong working relationships with government to gain recognition as government approved channel and strategic partner for international donor initiatives for private sector-government projects


Our position is, we seek to work with government beyond this immediate crises.  To this end, we will endeavor to build a strong and health working relationship for advocacy, policy influence and cooperation.


NOTE: This Covid-19 Alert section will highlight key initiatives members and the federation are engaged with as part of the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please keep checking for more updates.  Contact us for more information on how we are helping.